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Shigeto Sonoda, MA (The University of Tokyo)
Professor – Japan in East Asia

Contact : shigetosonoda[at]


Shigeto Sonoda Prof. Shigeto Sonoda is a professor of sociology and Asian studies at the University of Tokyo. After his 19 years’ service for private universities (Chuo and Waseda), Prof. Sonoda went back to his alma mater in 2009.
Prof. Sonoda has worked with a lot of prominent Asian sociologists including Profs. Yoon In-jin (Korea), and Kang Myung-ku (SNU) in Korea, Profs. Michael Hsiao H.H. (Academia Sinica), Wang Jenn-hwan (National Chengchi) in Taiwan, Profs. Li Chunling (CASS), Li Lulu (Renmin University of China), Pan Yunkang (TASS), Liu Xin (Fudan), Zhou Xiaohong (Nanjing), Lui Tai-lok (HKU) in China, and so on.
Prof. Sonoda initiated a lot of research/academic activities, and the recent ones are “Frontier of Comparative Studies of Asian Studies” (2010-12 FY) “Educational Program for Young Scholars on ‘Asia Globalization Studies” (2009-2012 FY), both of which were financially supported by Japan Society for Promotion of Science. Form 2014 FY, Prof. Sonoda will be a core member of Integrated Human Sciences (HIS) Program for Cultural Diversity which will be jointly managed by Graduate school of Arts and Sciences in Komaba Campus and Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies in Hongo Campus.

Research Interests

Prof. Sonoda has taken initiatives in conducting researches including AsiaBarometer 2003-2008, Asia Student Survey 2008, Tianjin Annual Survey 1997-2011. His special interest is in social stratification and globalization of cultures in Asia, and localization process of Japanese company in Asian countries.

Selected Publications

2014, China-Japan Relations, 1972-2012, vol.4 Civil Society (editor), University of Tokyo Press (Japanese)

2013, Understanding China: Textbook for Beginners, (editor), Yuhikaku (Japanese)

2012, Emerging Middle Classes in East Asia, (editor), Keisho Shobo (Japanese)

2012, China-Japan Relations, 1972-2012 vol.3 Society and Culture (editor), University of Tokyo Press (Japanese)

2012, China Issues: How China Experts See the Future, (co-editor), University of Tokyo Press (Japanese)