PEAK Staff Profile

Trent Brown
Associate Professor – Japan in East Asia

Contact: trent.brown[at]


Trent BROWN Trent Brown is Associate Professor at Tokyo College where he convenes the Sustainability and Society Research Group. He received his PhD from the University of Wollongong, Australia. Before coming to the University of Tokyo, he worked in the School of Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Research Interests

Contemporary India; food systems and agrarian change; skill development; craft production; sustainability.

Selected Publications

Harriss, J., Jeffrey, C., & Brown, T. (2020). India: Continuity and Change in the Twenty-First Century. Cambridge: Polity Press.
Brown, T. (2018). Farmers, Subalterns and Activists: The Social Politics of Sustainable Agriculture in India. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Journal Articles
Brown, T., & De Neve, G. (2024). Skills, Training, and Development: An Introduction to the Social Life of Skills in the Global South. Third World Quarterly, 45 (4), 607-623.
Brown, T. (2023). Skill India’s Unmet Promises: Raising Expectations for Financial Assistance in Training for Informal Sector Livelihoods. Journal of Vocational Education and Training.
Brown, T. (2020), ‘When Food Regimes Become Hegemonic: Agrarian India through a Gramscian Lens.’ Journal of Agrarian Change, 20 (1), 188-206.
Brown, T., Scrase, T., & Ganguly-Scrase, R. (2017). Globalised Dreams, Local Constraints: Migration and Youth Aspirations in an Indian Regional Town. Children’s Geographies, 15 (5), 531-544.