PEAK Staff Profile

Toru Sato, Ph.D (Imperial College London)
Professor – Environmental Sciences



Sato Toru

1980-1984 Dept Naval Architecture, University of Tokyo (B.Eng.)
1984-1986 PG course in Dept Naval Architecture, University of Tokyo (M.Eng.)
1986-1996 Research engineer, Bridgestone Corp.
1990-1993 PhD course in Dept Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London (Ph.D.)
1996-2004 Associate Professor, Dept Environmental and Ocean Engineering, University of Tokyo
2004-now Professor, Dept Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment, University of Tokyo

Research Interests

Environmental impact assessment of Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS)
Development of methane hydrate
Development of photo-bioreactor to cultivate microalgae for the production of biofuel

Selected Publications

Sakaizawa R, Kawai T, Sato T, Oyama H, Tsumune D, Tsubono T, Goto K. The inclusion of ocean-current effects in a tidal-current model as forcing in the convection term and its application to the mesoscale fate of CO2 seeping from the seafloor. Ocean Model. 123 (2018) 40–54.
Fukumoto A, Kamada K, Sato T, Oyama H, Torii H, Kiyono F. Numerical simulation of pore-scale formation of methane hydrate in the sand sediment using the phase-field model. J. Natural Gas Sci. Eng. 50 (2018) 269–281.
Hu J-Y, Sato T. A photobioreactor for microalgae cultivation with internal illumination considering flashing light effect and optimized light-source arrangement. Energy Conv. Mangmnt. 133 (2017) 558–565.