PEAK Staff Profile

Taizo Takeno, BSc (LSE), M.A., Ph.D. (Georgetown University)
Professor – Japan in East Asia


Taizo Takeno Professor Takeno has been at the University of Tokyo since October 2003, where he holds joint appointments at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School of Economics. He received his BSc. degree from London School of Economics and Political Sciences, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Georgetown University, Washington DC, where he had subsequently worked at the World Bank.

Research Interests

His current research interests include International Trade Theory, particularly on Trade and the Environment, and on Political Economy of Trade Polices. He teaches International Trade and International Finance at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

Selected Publications

Angel, Takeno, Wodon (2008) “Student Migration to the United States and Brain Circulation: Issues, Empirical Results, and Programmes in Latin America” Chapter 7 “The International Mobility of Talent Types, Causes, and Development Impact”, Oxford University Press
Ludema and Takeno (2007) “Tariffs and the Adoption of Clean Technology under Asymmetric Information”, Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 40 (4) 1100-1117
Angel, Takeno, Wodon (2006) “Student Migration and Brain Drain: Framework and Estimation for World and Latin American Panels” Chapter 3 of “International Migration in Latin America: Brain Drain, Remittances and Development” The World Bank.
Angel, Takeno, Wodon (2003) “From Brain Drain to Grain Gain: Selected Policy Options” Chapter 4 of International Migration in Latin America; Brain Drain, Remittances and Development. The World Bank.
Aguilera, Takeno, Wodon (2002) “Dalton-Improving Indirect Tax Reforms in Paraguay: Simulations Using SimSIP Tax” Special Issue on Simulations for Social Indicators and Poverty. Paraguay-DGEEC, the World Bank.