Academic English

1. Mission Statement

In line with the mission of the Programs in English at Komaba (PEAK) at the University of Tokyo to foster intellectual growth and leadership skills, the PEAK English courses are designed to advance the communication and academic skills appropriate and necessary for students to become global leaders.

The English courses aim to help students improve their overall English language skills that would enable them to express their thoughts freely and appropriately in a diverse range of situations, both in writing and in oral form. In addition, the courses aim to expose students to a wide spectrum of ideas and literature that are at the core of a liberal arts education.

Both the English communication skills and familiarization with the liberal arts are crucial to the intellectual and social development of global citizens that the PEAK programs intend to nurture.

2. Overview

Students enrolled in both the Japan in East Asia (JEA) and Environmental Sciences (ES) Programs will be required to take English language courses, which are part of the liberal arts curriculum.

Since all students will be expected to have a very high level of English proficiency, the focus will be on honing critical thinking as well as their rhetorical and argumentation skills both in breadth and depth.

ES students will be required to take English courses in their first three semesters, while JEA students will be required to take English courses from their first to sixth semester. Please see the course list for more information.