Message from the Dean

Dear Prospective Students and Families:


In October 2012, the University of Tokyo took a major step in our 140-year history when we established the Programs in English at Komaba, our first undergraduate degree program conducted in a language other than Japanese. Students admitted to PEAK have received most or all of their education in a non-Japanese language, and the PEAK faculty make great efforts to broaden and enrich their approaches to both teaching and content for PEAK classes. They endeavor to instill in PEAK students not only the comprehensive understanding of the world’s complex reality that has long distinguished UTokyo’s liberal arts education, but also the global communication abilities needed to express universal ideas accurately and the imagination necessary to comprehend fully the many problems facing human society across the globe. While PEAK is a small program that selects only a few new students each year, it is also one of UTokyo’s most important endeavors.

Atsushi ISHIDA
Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences