PEAK Staff Profile

Yoshifumi Saito, MA (University of Tokyo; Indiana University); PhD (University of Nottingham)
Professor – Japan in East Asia

Picture : ©naokonozu


Yoshifumi Saito SAITO Yoshifumi, born in 1958, is Professor of Education at the University of Tokyo.
He received MAs from the University of Tokyo and Indiana University and a Ph.D from the University of Nottingham.

Research Interests

Primarily a stylistician, he has been working extensively on a wide range of fields including literary theory, translation, and language education.

Selected Publications

Eigo no Saho [The Art of English] (The University of Tokyo Press, 2000)
Eigo Tatsujin Retsuden [Stories of the Japanese Masters of English] (Chuokoron-shinsha, 2000)
Nihonjin to Eigo [The Japanese and the English Language] (Kenkyu-sha, 2007)
‘Translation in English Language Teaching in Japan’ (Komaba Journal of English Education, Vol.3, 2012:27-36).