PEAK Staff Profile

Fusako Beuckmann, MA (OUFS), PhD (OUFS)
Professor – Japanese Language

Contact: beuckmann[at]


Fusako Beuckmann Prof. Beuckmann earned her BA, MA and PhD in Language and Culture at Osaka University of Foreign Studies (now University of Osaka). Her teaching career began after completing her BA and by the time she received her doctorate, she had already been teaching and coordinating various language courses from the novice level to the most advanced level at several universities in Japan. From 2000 to 2002, she taught Japanese language at the Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. After returning to Japan, she became a full-time Research Associate at the National Language Research Institute (Kokuritsu Kokugo Kenkyusho). Then, she returned to teaching Japanese at several universities in Japan before joining the PEAK team at the University of Tokyo in 2010. Since 2007, she has been a board member of the Teachers Training Committee (Kyoshi Kenshu Iinkai) at the Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language.

Research Interests

Prof. Beuckmann’s research interests lie in the field of sociolinguistics, in particular socio-interactional approach based on Conversation Analysis, and second language learning. In her PhD research she demonstrated how hierarchical and equal relations in talk-in-interaction manifest themselves in conversations. Her current research interest is to investigate second language acquisition processes by employing Conversational Analysis. She also has published numerous materials for Japanese language learners and has great interest in the development of effective teaching methods.

Selected Publications

Text Books
『聞いて覚える話し方 日本語生中継』(Speaking Skills learning through Listening - Japanese Live- ), Tokyo: Kuroshio Publisher
Intermediate-Advanced, F. Sugimoto (Beuckmann) and A. Miyatani, 2004
Pre-intermediate-Intermediate 1&2, F. Beuckmann, A. Miyatani and I. Komuro-Lee, 2006.
『ストーリーで覚える漢字』(Learning Kanji through Stories), Tokyo: Kuroshio Publisher.
Learning 300 Kanji through Stories, F. Beuckmann, Y. Watanabe and K. Kuramochi, 2008.
Learning 301-500 Kanji through Stories, F. Beuckmann, and Y. Watanabe, 2009
『わたしのにほんご』(Watashi no Nihongo: A Beginners Level Guide to Expressing My Feelings and Thoughts), C. Sugiura, S. Onodera and F. Beuckmann, Tokyo: Kuroshio Publisher, 2010