PEAK Staff Profile

Mariko Muramatsu, BA, MA, Ph.D. (The University of Tokyo, Ph.D. (Università degli Studi di Bologna)
Professor – Japan in East Asia

Contact : marikom[at]


Mariko Muramatsu Prof. Muramatsu, BA (1986) and MA (1989) in Italian language and literature form The University of Tokyo, pursued her research in Italian medieval literature receiving the PhD from The University of Tokyo (1994) and Università degli Studi di Bologna (1997). Ahead of her appointment at The University of Tokyo, she lectured on Japanese language and culture at ISMEO, Università Commerciale Bocconi (Milan, Italy) and Università degli Studi di Milano, while being posted at the Japanese Consulate in Milan as Special Researcher in charge of Cultural Affairs.

Research Interests

Prof. Muramatsu’s research is focused mainly on the Italian novel, spanning from the late medieval-early modern literature to the contemporary writers. Her work deals with the matters around the literary genres and the intercultural relationships within texts and media. Among her translations from Japanese into Italian or vice versa are writers like Matsuo Basho, Miyazawa Kenji, Oe Kenzaburo, Antonio Tabucchi and Anna Maria Ortese.

Selected Publications

Segni e voci dalla letteratura italiana. Da Dante a D’Annunzio, UTCP, Tokyo, 2012. (in Italian)
Dante no Shinkyoku no monogatari [The narration in Dante’s Divine Comedy], in Gensho no kotoba [The Words of the Origin], edited by Hisao Miyamoto, University of Toyo Press, Tokyo, 2007, pp.195-222. (in Japanese)
Intervista a Kenzaburo Oe di Maria Corti [Interview with Oe Kenzaburo by Maria Corti] (translation). Oe Kenzaburo: citazione, autocitazione e parodia fra realtà e immaginario [Oe Kenzaburo: quotation, self-quotation and parody between reality and imagination], in «Autografo», n. 34, Interlinea Edizioni, Novara, 1997, pp.85-94. (in Italian)
II buon suddito del Mikado – D’Annunzio japonisant [Devoted subject of the Emperor – D’Annunzio japonophile], Milano, Rosellina Archinto Editore, Milano, 1996. (in Italian)