Newsletter by UTokyo Students

Komaba Times

The Komaba Times is an English Newsletter created by University of Tokyo students and includes many articles written by PEAK students. It is an excellent resource for gaining insight into student life on the Komaba campus.

Articles are published on the Komaba Times blog and Facebook pages as they are released. In addition, a print version is produced annually which is available as a pdf download from the links below.

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Komaba Times Edition Download
Issue 1, April 2012 KomabaTimes1.pdf
Issue 2, April 2013 KomabaTimes2.pdf
Issue 3, April 2014 KomabaTimes3.pdf
Issue 4, April 2015 KomabaTimes4.pdf
Issue 5, April 2016 KomabaTimes5.pdf
Issue 6, April 2017 KomabaTimes6.pdf
Issue 7, April 2018 KomabaTimes7.pdf
Issue 8, April 2019 KomabaTimes8.pdf
Issue 9, April 2020 KomabaTimes9.pdf
Issue 10, Spring 2021 KomabaTimes10.pdf
Issue 11, Spring 2022 KomabaTimes11.pdf
Issue 12, Spring 2023 KomabaTimes12.pdf