PEAK Staff Profile

Shiho Maeshima, B.A.,M.A., Ph.D. (University of Tokyo), Ph.D.(University of British Columbia)
Professor – Japan in East Asia


Shiho Maeshima Academically trained in Japan (University of Tokyo), the USA (Indiana University), and Canada (University of British Columbia) in the fields of comparative literature, comparative cultural studies, modern Japanese cultural history and media studies, Professor Shiho Maeshima earned her first Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo in 2010 in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies and her second doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia in Asian Studies (Modern Japanese Cultural History) in 2016. She received the Klaus Pringsheim Award in 2011 for a paper presented at the 24th Annual Conference of the Japan Studies Association of Canada. After teaching at Hosei University and several other universities in Japan, she joined the faculty of the University of Tokyo in 2014.

Research Interests

Professor Maeshima’s primary research interest centers on the comparative historical study of the democratization of print and reading culture in modern Japan and its formation of discourses concerning everyday modernity, including Japanese nationalism, cosmopolitanism, consumerism, and modern lifestyle. She is also interested in translation and reception studies, with particular focus on haiku in the modern world.

Selected Publications

“Chapter One: New Journalism in Interwar Japan.” Anthony Rausch, ed., Japanese Journalism and the Japanese News Paper: A Supplemental Reader. Amherst, NY: Teneo Press, 2014. 3–29. (in English)

“Constructed/Constructing Bodies in the Age of the New Middle Class: Representations of Modern Everyday Life Style in the Japanese Interwar Women’s Magazine.” Resilient Japan: Papers Presented at the 24th Annual Conference of the Japan Studies Association of Canada. Toronto: Japan Studies Association of Canada, 2014. 110–139. (in English)

“Print Culture and Gender: Toward a Comparative Study of Modern Print Media.” Sung-Won, Cho, ed., Expanding the Frontiers of Comparative Literature Vol.2: Toward an Age of Tolerance. Seoul: Chung-Ang University Press, 2013. 354–363. (in English)

“Shōhi, shufu, moga: Kindaiteki shōhibunka no tanjō to ‘yoi shōhisha/warui shōhisha’ no kyōkai ni tsuite (Consumption, the Housewife, and the Modern Girl: The Birth of Modern Consumption Culture and the Borderline between ‘Good Consumers’ and ‘Bad Consumers’).” Kasama Chinami, ed., Akujo to ryōjo no shintai hyōshō (Representing the Bodies of “Bad Women” and “Good Women”). Tokyo: Seikyūsha, 2012. 116–198. (in Japanese)