PEAK Staff Profile

Fumiko Takahashi,
Associate Professor – Japan in East Asia

Contact : takahashi[at]


Fumiko Takahashi Dr. Fumiko Takahashi is Associate Professor at the Graduate Program on Human Security (HSP). She obtained D.Phil in Sociology from University of Oxford in 2015, and started working in Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo. She joined Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence (KOMEX) in 2019, developing educational programs for undergraduate students in Komaba in collaboration with some companies, then became Associate Professor in HSP in 2023. She teaches Qualitative Research Method, Sociology of Education and Immigrants and Education, as well as some course in the division of Social Outreach, KOMEX, such as career education and social business courses.

Research Interests

Her research interest lies in the field of sociology of education, particularly immigrants integration. She mainly focuses on the case of Japanese society, but also does international comparative study. Working closely with schools and NPOs, she studies what affects the immigrant academic achievement and integration into the host society, schoolteachers’ perspectives toward diverse cultural background of students, and the majority’s privileges in educational system (whiteness/japanese-ness). She also participates in a project to develop Cultural Diversity Index for companies and organizations to help responding to cultural diversity of the employees.

Selected Publications