We are delighted you are interested in applying to PEAK (Programs in English at Komaba) at the University of Tokyo.
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*The application process for PEAK is conducted online.
*The application period for September 2025 Enrollment will be from November 12 to December 10, 2024. (Japan Standard Time/JST)

PEAK Admissions Policy

The University of Tokyo’s Programs in English at Komaba (PEAK) seek to admit a select number of students who exhibit intellectual curiosity and the potential for leadership. In line with the university’s initiative to establish an international campus and nurture global citizens, students are also selected according to their ability to contribute to the diversification of the campus with their cultural experiences and educational backgrounds.

PEAK consists of the International Program on Japan in East Asia and the International Program on Environmental Sciences. The aim of these undergraduate degree programs is to share the rich intellectual and educational resources of the university with the wider global community. All classes are taught in English, but students also have the opportunity to study the Japanese language during their studies.

Students in the Japan in East Asia Program gain an international and interdisciplinary understanding of East Asia’s past, present and future, with a particular focus on Japan. The program encourages students to develop skills and knowledge in order to foster constructive dialogue within East Asia and around the world. Students are expected to actively engage with the educational resources and cultural environment at the university.

Students admitted to the Environmental Sciences Program study this complex field from an interdisciplinary perspective, which include the environmental, economic, ethical and legal. They also learn about biodiversity conservation, geochemical cycling, geophysics and the latest environmental technologies from an advanced scientific and engineering perspective. The primary aim of the program is to nurture well-rounded environmental specialists who can design and implement integrated approaches to current and future environmental concerns.