Student Support System

There is a comprehensive support system in place for international students at the University of Tokyo.

On the Komaba Campus, there are:

1) Personal Academic Advisor

Students joining the PEAK programs will be assigned a faculty member as a personal academic advisor who will meet with them regularly and act as a point-of-contact during their studies. In particular, the academic advisor will provide support for students with any academic-related issues that may arise.

2) International Student Section

The International Student Section offers services to international students, associated with legal and official resources-related issues such as visa maintenance, scholarships, housing, etc.

3) Globalization Office / International Education Support Office Komaba Branch

The Globalization Office and the International Education Support Office Komaba Branch support students on the Komaba Campus at all stages of their university career. The offices arrange the reception and support for new and existing international students, and the services include after-arrival care, organizing academic and exchange events, advice on study abroad, tutoring, etc. The team is on hand to help students with inquiries regarding student life.

4) International Education Support Office Komaba Branch, Counseling Section

A professional counselor is available to assist with any difficulties or problems that may occur in campus life.

5) Komaba Health Service Center

The Komaba Health Service Center provides diagnoses and treatment as well as health counseling by specialists in the areas of internal medicine, orthopedics, dentistry, dermatology, psychiatry along with a travel clinic. The center also offers annual health checkups and various healthcare-related services.

6) Tutoring Service

The GO Tutors organized by the Globalization Office provide a series of support activities for the first-year PEAK students and new incoming exchange students to assist them in accomplishing their academic and personal goals on campus. The aim of the GO Tutors is to ensure a smooth transition for each new incoming international student and to give them advice and assistance to allow them to make the most of their time at Komaba.

Tutoring Service