PEAK Staff Profile

Takehito Yoshida, Doctor of Science (Kyoto University)
Associate Professor – Environmental Sciences

Contact : cty[at]


Takehito Yoshida 2001 Doctor of Sciences (Kyoto University)
2001-2003 Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University, USA
2003-2005 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University, USA
2005-2006 Research Associate at Cornell University, USA
2006-2006 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow at Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
2006-2008 Lecturer at University of Tokyo
2008-present Associate Professor at University of Tokyo

Research Interests

1. Conservation ecology of lake ecosystems
Freshwater ecosystems are some of the most severely degraded ecosystems and are threatened by various human impacts. For successful ecological restoration, a deep understanding of the causes and consequences of human impacts is necessary. By collaborating with scientists from ecology, social sciences and the humanities, I study lake ecosystems in order to support ecological restoration by local residents and government.

2. Interaction between ecological and evolutionary processes
Organisms can adapt their traits in response to changes in ecological environments by rapid evolution (genetic change) and phenotypic plasticity (non-genetic change). Such adaptation should alter the way organisms interact with the environments, leading to a feedback between adaptation and ecology. I study this feedback using planktonic organisms by combining laboratory experiments and theoretical modeling.

Selected Publications

Suzuki K & Yoshida T (2012) Non-random spatial coupling induces desynchronization, chaos and multistability in a predator-prey-resource system. Journal of Theoretical Biology in press.

Yamamichi M, Yoshida T, Sasaki A (2011) Comparing the effects of rapid evolution and phenotypic plasticity on predator-prey dynamics. The American Naturalist 178:287-304
Yoshida T, Goka K, Ishihama F, Ishihara M, Kudo S (2007) Biological invasion as natural experiment of evolutionary process: introduction of the special feature. Ecological Research 22:849-854
Yoshida T, Ellner SP, Jones LE, Bohannan BJM, Lenski RE, Hairston NGJr (2007) Cryptic population dynamics: rapid evolution masks trophic interactions. PLoS Biology 5: 1868-1879
Yoshida T, Jones LE, Ellner SP, Fussmann GF and Hairston NGJr (2003) Rapid evolution drives ecological dynamics in a predator-prey system. Nature 424: 303-306