Step 4: Decide Referees for your Evaluations


As explained in 4.(3). in the Application Guidelines, two different evaluations must be submitted. There are specific requirements for each evaluation, so please check the guidelines carefully.

Your Referees

Referees are asked to input their evaluations directly on the online application page. This process must be completed within the online application period. This means you cannnot submit your application unless they complete their evaluations.
So that your referees can have ample time to complete and submit your evaluations, we strongly encourage you to decide and ask your referees well in advance of the application period.

There are specific requirements regarding who can be your referees, so please check the guidelines carefully.

Instructions and details about the evaluations for your referees can be found on their online portal page. They can access this only after you fill in required information on your online application page after the application period starts.