Step 2: Check the Application Guidelines and Confirm Your Eligibility

Application Guidelines

画像 You can find everything you need to know in the Application Guidelines.

Please note that the guidelines currently available on the website is for September 2024 Enrollment and any information can change if you are interested in 2025 or later enrollment.
The new guidelines will be posted on our website around July for the admission for the enrollment next year (for example, the application guidelines for September 2024 Enrollment were published in July 2023), so please check the new guidelines once published.


You should first see "2. Eligibility" in the Application Guidelines and make sure if you can fulfill our eligibility requirements.

PEAK has 3 different eligibility requirements and you must fulfill all the requirements.

Requirement 1 is about your educational background.
Requirement 2 is about languages you have taken education in.
Requirement 3 is about standardized examinations.

We strongly encourage you to check the guidelines carefully and if you are not sure about eligibility, contact the admissions office as soon as possible.