Step 3: Collect and Prepare Documents


As explained in "4. (4). Required Documents" in the Application Guidelines, you will be requested to submit multiple documents on your online application page. You can check the list below but please make sure to check the guidelines for details.

1. Official School Transcripts
2. Official Examination Results for Academic Ability (Standardized Examinations)
3. Official Test Scores for English Proficiency (if applicable)
4. Certificate of (Expected) Graduation
5. School Profiles (if applicable)
6. Other Documentary Evidence of Achievements (if applicable)
7. Payment Receipt

We often receive requests from applicants to wait for the submission of required documents, especially because of school holidays, around the application deadline.

However, any documents must be submitted within the application period for any reason. If you are interested in applying to PEAK, we strongly encourage you to contact schools or any relevant organizations and tell them in advance when you need to receive and submit the documents.

Submitting the Documents

Essentially, except for some documents, you can upload documents on your application page after the application period starts and there is no need to send any physical documents at the time of application.

About Documents Not Disclosed to Applicants

We are aware that some schools do not disclose some documents, such as transcripts and certificates of predicted grades, to students. We prepare a special procedure for such cases. For details, please check the application guidelines again in late autumn.