STEP 4. Make an application fee payment

Please check "How to Apply" before checking this page if you have not done so.

Application Fee


Payment Period

0:00 am, November 21, 2022 to 10:59pm, December 21, 2022 (Japan Standard Time/JST)
Payment must be completed before you submit your application.

Method of Payment

The application fee can be paid by online credit card payment. If applicants wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact the PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office by December 9, 2022 (JST).
Refund of the application fee is not possible under any circumstances.

Online Credit Card Payment

Please pay the application fee by following the link below:e-shiharai.netWebsite for credit card application fee payment

1) Choose “Examination Fee.”
2) Read “Terms of Use and Personal Information Management.” Then press “Agree.”
3) Choose “The University of Tokyo (PEAK Undergraduate Admissions).” Then press “Next.”
4) Follow the instructions and complete the payment.
5) Check “Result” page of the credit card payment that will appear after the completion of the payment.
6) Screenshot the page and upload it on applicants’ online application page.
The file name should be: 7_Payment Receipt
7) Please keep the “Receipt Number.” Applicants will be required to input the number when they submit application. “Receipt Number” (12 digits number) is shown on the “Result” page and in the e-mail sent upon completing the payment.



There will be a transaction fee of JPY500 charged in addition to the JPY5,000 application fee.

It is possible to use a credit card registered with a third person, such as a parent or a guardian. However, make sure that the applicant’s name is typed in the “basic information” page on the payment website.

The payment system will be closed at 10:59pm on December 21st (JST) and the payment after 11:00pm (JST) will not be accepted.

After you complete the processes, please move on to STEP 5. Submit your online application.