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Updates to the Application Guidelines for 2024 Enrollment (November 2023)
ラベルNovember 1, 2023
Updated on November 9, 2023

We have updated the information of the application guidelines for 2024 September enrollment.

Most updates are about online application procedure.
You can download the updated guidelines here.

Accordingly, we have updated information on "How to apply."

The following changes have been reflected in the application guidelines on November 9, 2023. Please download the latest application guidelines here. You may need to refresh the pages to check the latest guidelines.

Under some circumstances, you may not be able to click the URLs in the application guidelines. We made some changes to the URLs. If you still face such issues, please copy and paste the URLs.

In addition, some missing “(Updated on November 1st)” have been added.

Please keep in mind that no late submission of an application will be accepted.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation very much.

PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office