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(Closed) PEAK Information Seminar on October 24th and 27th 2023
ラベルOctober 4, 2023
Updated on October 23, 2023

Registration is now closed for the PEAK information seminars. Thank you for your registration. The admissions office will contact those who answered that they would like to check the recording by the end of November.



We will hold an online PEAK information seminar to introduce more about PEAK on October 24th and October 27th (Japan Standard Time, JST).




This seminar is a live Q&A session. PEAK faculty members, students, and admissions office staff members will answer your questions at that time. We kindly ask you to watch the following "Introduction to PEAK" video for the Open Campus Event in August 2023 to understand the basic information about PEAK beforehand. And then, you can submit questions you come up with after watching the video using the Google Form that we share with registrants later.


"Introduction to PEAK" by Prof. Jonathan R. Woodward and Prof. Shefferson


Additionally, we encourage you to read the Application Guidelines beforehand if you have not done so.


This information seminar is conducted entirely online using Zoom.

Depending on the number of participants, we will use either a Zoom meeting or a Zoom webinar.

We will hold the 1st and 2nd information seminars on different dates and times. We kindly ask you to join one of the seminars.

The date, time, and deadline for signing up for the seminar are as follows.


1st Information Seminar

Date: October 24th, Tuesday

Time: 9:00am–10:15am (JST)

Deadline for registration: October 17th, Tuesday


2nd Information Seminar

Date: October 27th, Friday

Time: 4:00 pm –5:15 pm (JST)

Deadline for registration: October 20th, Friday


JST is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) +9. Please confirm what time it will be in your local time in advance.


If you wish to join, please fill in the Google form below.




If you are unable to participate in one of the sessions due to unavoidable reasons, we may be able to share the part of the recordings later. Please register your information using the same Google Form if you wish to check the recording. Please note that you cannot share the recording with anyone who did not register their information in advance. The recording may be shared with you around mid-November.


If you have trouble accessing the Google Form, please contact us before each deadline.

If you would like to join, we highly recommend registering as soon as possible since the capacity may be limited. Usually, the afternoon session is more popular. If you would like more chances to ask questions, we recommend you join the 1st information seminar on October 24th.

If your family or friends are interested in joining the seminar using different devices (computers, smartphones…) from your device, they are strongly advised to register separately from you.


Once you complete the form, you will see the message "Thank you for filling in the form," and you will automatically receive an email from Google Form.

If you receive the email, your registration is complete. If you do not receive the email, please fill in the form again. However, this email does not confirm your participation.



Your participation is confirmed by the email that you will receive at least one day before each seminar. The email includes the following information:

① The information to access the information seminar on Zoom.

② Google Form for additional questions


Your questions may be shared anonymously on our website later and the recording may be shared with those who registered through the Google Form above. We assume you agree with these points once you complete this form.


If you have any questions about the seminar, please check the contact information here and contact us. When you send an email to us, please include [Information Seminar] in the subject of your email.


We are looking forward to seeing you.


PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office