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Regarding the Response to the Coronavirus Disease
April 15, 2020

To All Successful Applicants for PEAK September 2020 enrollment 

The schedule for the enrollment procedure is currently proceeding according to the schedule in the Application Guidelines (page 5). However, as the situation is unstable, we need to keep an eye on the possibility that the schedule for enrollment may need to change. 
 We will make every effort to ensure that all students will be able to commence their education with as little interruption as possible. In order to do so, all necessary measures are already being taken, such as a temporary switch from the usual in-person classes to completely online classes. 
 The following website provides some details on how the University is responding to the situation:
 Details, including any updates to the process, will be provided by e-mail, based on the schedule in the Application Guidelines. 
 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
 Your understanding and cooperation would be greatly appreciated. 

PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office