ES Senior Division

Curriculum Overview

The table below lists the majority of senior division environmental science courses available.
This is not an exhaustive list - course availability can change from year to year. This table can be used to obtain course descriptions from the University of Tokyo online course catalog, which can be accessed using the following link (
(Please note that the information is subject to change.)

Study area Subject Course Professor(s)
Core Topics Materials Chemistry M. Onaka, S. Uchida
Statistics R. Shefferson
Environmental Assessment and its Method A. Tanaka
Civilization and Technologies Y. Hagiwara
Environmental Issues in Japan S. Seino
Professional Ethics K. Itami
Environmental Principles Science, Technology and Society Y. Fujigaki/L.Dilley
  Environmental History and Philosophy T. Hashimoto, K. Ishihara
  Technology and Sustainable Development T. Mino, Y. Oshima, T. Sato, S. Warisawa
  Environemtal Risk Management H. Matsuda
  Special Lecture on Environmental and Safety Principles T. Lennerfors (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Management and Policy Contemporary Environmental Issues Y. Hirono, M. Domae, N. Morishita
Law and the Environment H. Ushijima
Environmental Economics M. Maruyama
Economic Policy Analysis A. Maeda
Development and the Environment J. Sato
Environmental Sociology N. Morishita
Measurement and Evaluation Biodiversity and Ecosystem M. Shimada, M. Ito, T. Yoshida, R. Shefferson
Modeling and Simulation N. Kakimura
Environmental Measurement I M. Matsuo, J. Woodward
Environmental Measurement II W. Takeuchi, K. Oki
Thermodynamics S. Fukatsu
Environmental Informatics A. Fukunaga
Environmental Hygienics K. Mizumoto
Operations Research N. Kakimura
Special Lecture on Environmental Measurement and Evaluation D. Casenove
Materials, Systems and Dynamics Chemistry for Environmental Sciences J. Woodward
Evolution of Matter and the Universe H. Umeda
Earth System Science I H. Nakamura, Y. Kosaka
Earth System Science II T. Oki, K. Oki
Earth System Science III T. Okabe
Earth System Science IV A. Sakota
Special Lecture on Materials Systems and Dynamics Y. Yokoyama, E. Oka, H. Kayane, Y. Kondo
Energy and Resources Advanced Energy Science and Engineering A. Tsutsumi, Y. Kansha
Energy Technology and Natural Resources I Y. Okada
Energy Technology and Natural Resources II T. Kubo, M. Matsumoto
Energy Technology and Natural Resources III N. Goto
Energy and Environmental Engineering Y. Iwafune
Special Lecture on Energy and Resources M. Onaka, S. Uchida
Health and Safety/ Urban Planning Food Safety and Risk Analysis H. Hosono, T. Yamakawa, T. Sekizaki, S. Kyuwa
Modern Food Resources and Consumption Y. Nakashima, T. Misaka, K. Imou, Y. Saito, T. Araki
Technology of Food Production N. Suzuki, S. Ninomiya, K. Okada, T. Takano, H.Kurokura
Sustainable Agroecological Systems T. Okuro, S. Tsuyuki, T. Tatsuhara, N. Yagi
Human Population Dynamics J. Cohen (Rockefeller Univ. USA)
Health Science and the Environment K. Mizumoto
Special Lecture on Health and Security M. O'Brien
Urban Planning Technology I T. Oguchi
Urban Planning Technology II K. Meguro
Skills, Fieldwork and Laboratory Work Scientific Writing and Presentation Skills J. Woodward, R. Shefferson
Fieldwork and Case-studies for Environmental Sciences I J. Nagata, E. Nishizawa
Fieldwork and Case-studies for Environmental Sciences II K. Mizumoto
Fieldwork and Case-studies for Environmental Sciences III M. Shimada
Special Lecture Series on Environmental Sciences (Practicals in Biology, Chemistry and Physics) M. Sato, Y. Nakamura, M. Omi ( Part 1)
F. Fukatsu, M. Onaka, Y. Nakamura, M. Omi ( Part 2)
J. Woodward, R. Shefferson ( Part 3)

A pdf copy of this course list can be downloaded by clicking here.