1. About the Program

Can I do a double major?

Students are not able to do a double major for the time being.

Can I apply to both of the programs (Japan in East Asia and Environmental Sciences) at the same time?

No, you cannot. Please choose one when you apply.

How many students will be admitted to each course?

Each program is designed to accommodate approximately 15 students each year. Numbers of students are available here.

Can I transfer from another university?

Unfortunately, we do not accept transfer students at the University of Tokyo. You can apply to our program, but the university level credits you have earned elsewhere cannot be transferred to your credits at this University.

Do I need to have studied Japanese to apply to the PEAK program?

No, there is no need to have studied Japanese in advance when applying and there is no need to submit proof of your Japanese language ability as part of your application package, although you are welcome to do so. Students will first take a placement test when they arrive in Tokyo.

Will my chances of being accepted improve if I have studied Japanese?

No, it will neither increase nor decrease your likelihood of being accepted to the program.

Can I learn Japanese language as part of the PEAK program?

Yes, taking Japanese language classes in order to acquire foreign language credits is mandatory for the completion of PEAK.

If I’m admitted to PEAK, is it possible to take classes offered in Japanese as well?

Those who wish to take classes offered in Japanese can do so and earn credits as long as their Japanese level is sufficient to do all of the required work for the class.

Who will be teaching the PEAK classes?

Some of the classes will be taught by professors appointed specifically for this program, and who received their degrees overseas. In addition, as both programs are interdisciplinary and broad-based in scope, classes will also be offered by other faculty members from a wide range of departments across the University.

I heard that the Japanese academic calendar starts in April. Is this the case for the PEAK program?

No, the PEAK program starts in September. For further details, please read the academic calendar information in the "Campus Life" section:

How much is the tuition?

The annual tuition is 535,800 yen (as of 2015). A one-time enrollment fee of 282,000 yen (as of 2015) is charged at enrollment.

Is the tuition fee for international students the same as for Japanese students?

Yes, tuition is the same for everyone. There is no separate tuition rate for international students.

2. Eligibility

I have Japanese nationality. Can I still apply to PEAK?

There are no restrictions based on nationality, and you can apply to PEAK as long as you meet eligibility requirements stated in the Application Guidelines.

I am currently a student at an international school in Japan, where the primary language of instruction is not Japanese. Am I eligible to apply to PEAK?

In these cases, we follow the eligibility requirements set by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). You are eligible if you are 18 years old, and satisfy one of the following two requirements.

1. Your school is designated as an equivalent to a foreign high school.

2. Your school is recognized as an international school by one of the following accrediting organizations (WASC, CIS, ACSI).

See the MEXT website below for the list of international schools recognized under these two definitions (in Japanese):


Some years have passed since my high school graduation. Can I still apply to PEAK?

Yes, you can apply to PEAK as long as you have completed 12 years of schooling and meet the eligibility requirements. There is no maximum age limit for applying to PEAK.

Can I apply to PEAK and the other screenings to the University of Tokyo?

Applicants may NOT have multiple applications to the University of Tokyo being considered at the same time. This includes all other undergraduate entrance examinations or other forms of screening administered by the University of Tokyo.

For example, cases that are NOT acceptable:

Applying to the Special Class 1 or 2 Screening for 2017 April enrollment

and the PEAK program for 2017 September enrollment

Applying to the general admissions for 2017 April enrollment

and the PEAK program for 2017 September enrollment

Cases that are acceptable:

Applying to the PEAK program for September 2017 enrollment

and to the Special Class 1 or 2 Screening for April 2018 enrollment

Applying to the PEAK program for September 2017 enrollment

and to general admissions for April 2018 enrollment

Please note that students accepted under the Class 1 or 2 Screenings or general admissions are expected to take courses offered primarily in Japanese, while students admitted through PEAK are expected to take courses offered primarily in English.

What kind of subjects should I have studied to enter the PEAK program?

Students applying to the PEAK programs are expected to have studied subjects that are commensurate with the respective programs. We expect students to be highly literate and numerate with a broad range of analytical and critical thinking skills. For further information, check the expected background knowledge for each program (http://peak.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp/courses/).

3. Application Process

Will I have to travel to Japan to be interviewed?

No, there is no need to travel to Japan during the admissions process. The interviews will be conducted in the country in which you currently reside, in principle.

Can I pay the application fee by credit card?

Yes, you can. Please follow instructions in the Application Guidelines (under “Application Fee”) for further instructions.

My parents do not have a credit card. Can I send the application fee through a bank?

Yes, you can. Please follow the instructions in the Application Guidelines (under “Application Fee”).

Will it be taken into consideration if I have AP?

All relevant academic qualifications will be considered during the screening process. However, having obtained AP credits will not mean that you will be given advanced placement and waived certain courses at the PEAK program.

Do I have to provide proof of my academic performance in high school?

Yes, please send in proof of your academic performance in high school covering at least the last three years before graduation.

How much does my academic performance at high school weigh during the first screening process?Are there any advantages if I have participated in extracurricular activities?

There are no preferences regarding any documents provided by the candidates. All documents are examined holistically. For more information about the admissions policy, please consult the Application Guidelines (under “Admissions Policy”).

What level of test scores does PEAK expect me to have?

PEAK pays attention to the whole application package as well as to the interview. But the following is a general guideline of minimum scores our successful applicants generally possess:

SAT: a combined score of 2060 for Reasoning section
ACT: an average score of 30
IB: a total of 36 points out of 42
GCE-A Levels: A/A/B
Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level: A/A in H2

Also, average scores of successful applicants for the 2013 enrollment are:

SAT: a combined score of 2231 for Reasoning section
ACT: an average score of 33
IB: total of 38 out of 42

Average scores of successful applicants for the 2014 enrollment are:

SAT: a combined score of 2216 for Reasoning section
ACT: an average score of 34
IB: total of 40 out of 42

Average scores of successful applicants for the 2015 enrollment are:

SAT: a combined score of 2296 for Reasoning section
ACT: an average score of 32
IB: total of 39 out of 42

I have already begun studies at another university. When applying should I include test scores from my university studies?

We would like to see the results of your most recent academic performance, so all candidates who have already begun University studies should include any relevant records (grades, test scores, transcripts) from that period.

How old can my English proficiency test scores be?

Tests you provide for admission should have been taken within the last two years of your application. This applies to TOEFL, IELTS as well as CAE / CPE.

What are the kinds of questions asked at the time of the interview?

We interview our applicants for several reasons. One is to make sure the applicants understand what PEAK offers. We want to know why they want to come to PEAK and to the University of Tokyo. Another reason is to ensure the applicants possess interest in international affairs so that they may contribute to the University of Tokyo's effort to globalize its campus. Finally, we want to make sure the applicants have sufficient subject-related knowledge. Thus we will ask technical questions on the subjects they have studied in school and/or have studied for Official Examination Results for Academic Ability (such as SAT, ACT, IB and A-level).

You can download a selection of real past interview questions as a pdf file by clicking here.

4. After the Application

How will I receive the results for my application?

Applicants will receive an e-mail message about the results first, then official letters will be sent by post.

How long do I have before I decide whether I will accept the admissions offer?

Successful applicants will be notified of their results starting April 6, 2016. Those who decide to accept the offer must send in their letter of intent to register by May 12, 2016. Information for matriculation, including the enrollment fee payment will be announced as it becomes available.

Can I have a deferred entry?

Students are not able to have a deferred entry, but they may take a leave of absence.

5. Scholarships

What kinds of scholarships are available?

Please see the list of scholarships available in the Application Guidelines (under “Scholarships”).

Who is eligible?

Internal scholarships offered through the University of Tokyo are available to accepted students. However, there are some eligibility restrictions based on nationality for the scholarship. For details, please read the Application Guidelines (under “Scholarships”).

For external scholarships offered by a third party in Japan or elsewhere, please consult the details with the respective organizations. There are some scholarships offered by the

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) for international students planning to study in Japan.

How can I apply for scholarships that are offered through the PEAK program?

Scholarships will be awarded to students based on merit. The offers will be given based on information made available during the screening process, and there is no separate application for scholarships.

When do I find out whether I will be receiving a scholarship?

Admissions decisions will be made by April 6, 2016 and the applicants will be notified subsequently via email, followed by an official letter sent through by postal mail. Offers of the scholarships will be made at the same time to those who qualify.

I am planning to apply for other scholarships in my own country. Can I still receive the scholarships offered from PEAK?

There are strict eligibility restrictions for the University of Tokyo Scholarship and others, which do not allow students to receive multiple scholarships concurrently.

6. Accommodation

What kind of accommodation is available at the University?

The University has a dormitory available for incoming students called the International Lodge, Komaba Lodge. Please see here for more information.

Do I apply for University accommodation when I send in my application packet?

No, once you are offered a place in the program, information regarding accommodation (including the application procedure for university accommodation) will be sent to you.


I have a physical disability and have special needs in the classroom and in everyday life. Who can I consult about this?

The University of Tokyo firmly believes that all students, including students with special needs, should be ensured the same opportunity in their learning at the University. Please contact the PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office so the University can make necessary arrangements.

If I have other questions regarding the admissions process, whom can I contact? And how?

You can contact the PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office via the enquiry form on our website, or by phone or fax. (Our preferred method is the enquiry form on the website.) Our contact information is here.