PEAK Staff Profile

Silvia Croydon, Project Assistant Professor
Japan in East Asia

Contact: croydon[at]


Silvia Croydon Silvia joined PEAK in 2017 from Kyoto University, where she spent five years as a Hakubi Fellow and Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Law. Her particular research focus is criminal rights issues, and she has published works on topics such as the police detention system, victim impact statements, the death penalty, and the introduction of lay judges in Japan. Originally from Bulgaria, her international experience includes, in addition to her posts in Tokyo and Kyoto, time spent at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, Harvard University and Sophia University.

Research Interests

Criminal Justice
Human Rights
Japanese Politics

Selected Publications

- The Politics of Police Detention in Japan: Consensus of Convenience. Oxford University Press. 2016.

- “Progress or Prevarication?: The Move Toward the Establishment of a Human Rights Commission in Japan”, Human Rights Quarterly (forthcoming in May 2017).
- “Prison Law Reform in Japan: How the Bureaucracy was Held to Account Over the Nagoya Prison Scandal”, The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus Vol. 14, Issue 5, No. 5, March 1, 2016.
- “Towards a Regional Human Rights Mechanism in the Asia Pacific?: Exploring the potential of the Asia Pacific Forum”. Pacific Review Vol.27, Iss.2, 2014: 289-306.
- “The Death Penalty in a Changing Society: A Survey of Recent Developments in Japan”. Contemporary Japan Vol.26, Iss.1 (2014): 102-23.
- “Two Rights Paths: East Asia’s Emerging Regional Human Rights Framework”. Asia Pacific: Perspectives Vol.11, No.1 (08/2013): 22-35.
- “Returning a Verdict on the Jury: How the Japanese Have Reacted to the Introduction of a Lay Judge System”. Asian Journal of Comparative Law, Vol.7, Iss.1 (2011): 1-17.