PEAK Staff Profile

Bregham Dalgliesh, M.A. (British Columbia), Ph.D. (Edinburgh)
Associate Professor – Japan in East Asia

Contact: dalgliesh[at]


画像 Bregham Dalgliesh is from Cape Town, South Africa. After a B.Sc. (Economics and Politics) from the University of Southampton, UK, which included an ERASMUS exchange to J.W. Goethe University, Germany, he competed his graduate studies at the University of British Columbia (M.A. Political Science), Canada, and the University of Edinburgh (Ph.D. Philosophy), UK. He then taught in France (2003-2011) at the Institut Mines –Télécom (as well as at Sciences Po Paris, ENSTA ParisTech and ESSEC, and for numerous study abroad programmes, such as New York University in France), where he remains an associate researcher of LASCO (Laboratoire Sens et Compréhension du monde contemporain), Université de Paris Descartes/Institut Mines- Télécom. These experiences fuelled Bregham’s interest in the globalisation of higher education and the opportunity it offers for teaching, learning and knowing in an international environment, and in 2012 he took up the position of associate professor in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo.

Research Interests

Bregham has published widely across various disciplines. His intellectual point of departure is the duty to make the will to know conscious of itself as a problem, with the task of critique taken up through an engagement with science and technology as socially embedded enterprises that demand philosophical reflection because of their constitutive effect upon the politics, culture and ethico-moral relations that define and limit the human condition. An interdisciplinary approach is deployed to analyse the domains of power and technoscience, particularly their intersection where many of today’s key experiences of subjectivity are both constructed and contested.

Selected Publications

“Zygmunt Bauman and the consumption of ethics by the ethics of consumerism.” Theory, Culture & Society 31 (4), 2013.
“Problematising the political theory of identity politics: towards an agonistic freedom.” Kritike: An Online Journal of Philosophy 7 (1), 2013.
“Globalisation, mondialisation and critiques of capitalism.” Fast Capitalism 10 (1), 2013.
“L’Expertise et des risques technologiques: une approche critique”. In P-A. Chardel, C. Gossart and B. Reber (eds.). Conflits des interprétations dans la société de l’information. Éthique et politique de l’environnement, Paris: Éditions Hermès, 2012, ch. 10.
“Foucault and creative resistance in organisations”. Society and Business Review 4 (1) (2009), 45-57.