3. Official Test Scores for English Proficiency (if applicable)

This page explains how applicants should name documents related to 3. Official Test Scores for English Proficiency (if applicable) when uploading them to their online application page.
If you have not done so, please make sure to check pages 14-15 in the application guidelines and "How to apply" in addition to the following information.

Official Test Score Report of English Test

You need to upload an electronic copy of your official score report.

The file name of your official score report should be
If you take only one type of examination:
3_English Proficiency

If you have taken multiple types of examinations:
3_English Proficiency_TOEFL
* Please type the examination you took in “TOEFL” instead if you have taken other examinations, such as IELTS.

If you submit TOEFL iBT score

You need to arrange official score reports to be delivered to PEAK admissions office before you submit your onlie application.
Please check page 14 in the application guidelines for the designated institution code and the details.

Then, you need to upload the official score report using the name mentioned above.

In addition, you must submit the confirmation page or document that prove that you have surely arranged the scores using the following names.
3_English Proficiency_confirmation

Please check the information about how to name other documents here.