PEAK Staff Profile

Nozomu Yachie, Ph.D.(Keio University)
Associate Professor – Environmental Sciences



Yachie Nozomu Yachie received Ph.D. degree from Systems Biology Program, Keio University in 2009. He then undertook a postdoctoral fellowship at Dr. Frederick Roth's laboratory at Harvard Medical School and moved with Dr. Roth to University of Toronto, where he received Banting Fellowship from NSERC, Canada. Yachie has been appointed at The University of Tokyo starting July 2014. He has also been appointed at Keio University starting June 2014. Yachie is also a recipient of JSPS fellowships, DC1 (Selection Year 2006), PD (slid from DC1) and Research Abroad (Selection Year 2009) awarded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

Research Interests

The Yachie laboratory aims to understand cancer progression, cell differentiation and mammalian development by creating various synthetic cell systems that allows us high-throughput measurements of protein-protein interactions and cell population dynamics. The technology used in the laboratory include DNA barcodes, high-throughput DNA sequencing, genome editing and computational data mining.

Selected Publications

Jo M, Chung AY, Yachie N, Seo M, Jeon H, Nam Y, Seo Y, Kim E, Zhong Q, Vidal M, Park HC, Roth FP & Suk K. Yeast genetic interaction screen of human genes associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: identification of MAP2K5 kinase as a potential drug target. (2017) Genome Research 27, 1487-1500
Yachie N, Robotic Biology Consortium & Natsume T. Robotic crowd biology with Maholo LabDroids. (2017) Nature Biotechnology 35, 310
Nishida K, Arazoe T, Yachie N, Banno S, Kakimoto M, Tabata M, Mochizuki M, Miyabe A, Araki M, Hara KY, Shimatani Z & Kondo A. Targeted nucleotide editing using hybrid prokaryotic and vertebrate adaptive immune systems. (2016) Science 353, aaf8729
Yachie N, Petsalaki E, Mellor JC, Weile J, Jacob Y, Verby M, Ozturk SB, Li S, Cote AG, Mosca R, Knapp JJ, Ko M, Yu A, Gebbia M, Sahni N, Yi S, Tyagi T, Sheykhkarimli D, Roth JF, Wong C, Musa L, Snider J, Liu Y-C, Yu H, Braun P, Stagljar I, Hao T, Calderwood MA, Pelletier L, Aloy P, Hill DE, Vidal M & Roth FP. Pooled-matrix protein interaction screens using Barcode Fusion Genetics. (2016) Molecular Systems Biology 12, 863