PEAK Staff Profile

Isabelle Giraudou, LL.M., LL.D. (Paris II University)
Associate Professor – Environmental Sciences

Contact : giraudou[at]


Isabelle Giraudou Isabelle joined the Organization for Programs on Environmental Sciences in 2017. After a doctorate in International Law (with a focus on Disaster Law) and a post-doctorate in Comparative Environmental Law (University of Tokyo, Graduate School for Law and Politics, 2000-2001), she taught at Niigata University (2001-2004), Tohoku University (2004-2008), and Nagoya University (2012-2016). Between 2008 and 2012, she was researcher at the French Research Institute on Japan (Maison franco-japonaise, Tokyo) established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and associated with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Environmental legal studies, disaster law, and contemporary legal thought have become her main teaching areas. Her particular research focus is skills education in the field of environmental law and policy.
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Research Interests

Isabelle’s main research interests are :
- Theory and practice of interdisciplinarity in the environmental field of knowledge :
i) Environmental Legal Studies and the Anthropocene as a 'boundary object' ;
ii) Climate Change Law / Biodiversity Law and ‘epistemic geographies’ of climate science ;
iii) Environmental rights and critical analysis of natural resource governance (East Asia) ;
iv) Integrated approaches to case-, project-, and problem- based learning in environmental education, at the interface of the so-called ‘Environmental Sciences’ and the emerging ‘Environmental Humanities’ (Japan) ;
v) Environmental leadership capacity building in higher education, with a focus on the development of transnational legal education (East Asia).
- Contemporary legal thought, with a focus on Critical Legal Studies and Global Legal Studies.

Her current research project examines how the ‘Anthropocene’ scientific proposal and its competing narratives, as well as alternative kinds of knowledge about global environmental change, are progressively permeating environmental legal studies. Focusing on East Asia, and addressing emerging fields of transnational expertise, this research explores the possibility to develop inter- and transdisciplinary case-, project- and problem-based environmental education (JSPS grant-in-aid for scientific research : Challenging Exploratory Research, New Fields of Law, 2016 - 2019).

Selected Publications

- “Le droit de l’environnement applicable aux entreprises”, in P. Bloch, N. Kanayama, I. Giraudou, Le droit des affaires au Japon, Brussels: Larcier (forthcoming in December 2017).

- “What is it that we do when we say we teach law? Globalisation de l'enseignement du droit et pratiques de formation par cas au Japon”, in P. Ancel, L. Heuschling (dir.), La transnationalisation de l'enseignement du droit, Brussels: Larcier, 2016. 216-239.
- “L'enseignement juridique par cas au Japon: une formule pédagogique du droit 'global'?”, in M.-C. Ponthoreau (dir.), La dénationalisation de l'enseignement juridique - Comparaison des pratiques, Paris: Fondation Varenne, 2016. 232-254.
- “Comparative Study of Law: Entre didactique juridique et théorie élémentaire du droit global”, Revue Interdisciplinaire d'Études Juridiques, vol. 72, n°1 (2014): 51-72.
- “Le Japon : une ‘figure du droit comparé’ ?”, in P. Brunet, K. Hasegawa, H. Yamamoto (dir.), Rencontre franco-japonaise autour des transferts de concepts juridiques, Paris: Mare & Martin, 2014. 9-22.
- “L’hybridation du droit: un modèle en question – Réforme du droit japonais des sociétés, Principes communs d’un droit asiatique des contrats, et coopération juridique en Asie”, in B. Jaluzot (dir.), Droit japonais, droit français: quel dialogue?, Geneva: Schulthess, 2014. 259-273.
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- Kankyōhō no kenpōka, Furansu no tokushusei no kanōsei to genkai (The Constitutionalization of the Right to Environment in France: Perspectives and Limits), Hosei University Journal of Law, vol.106, n°1 (2008): 1-54. (in Japanese)