PEAK Staff Profile

Rie Oguma, M.A., Ph.D. (Ochanomizu University)
Associate Professor – Japanese Language

Contact : oguma[at]


Oguma Rie After earning a BA in International Relations from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Prof. Oguma has raised awareness of world peace and the importance of the second language education. She earned her MA in Teaching Japanese as a Second Language and a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Ochanomizu University. She has extensive teaching experience in Japanese language and linguistics on foreign soil as well as in Japan; such as Moscow City Pedagogical University in Russia, Oxford Brookes University in the UK, October 6th Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotels in Egypt. She returned to Japan in 2014 and joined the University of Tokyo.

Research Interests

Prof. Oguma specializes in Second Language Acquisition and Instruction. She has published numerous books and journal articles mainly in the area of Second Language Acquisition as well as in Phonology, Syntax, Language Pedagogy, Discourse Analysis and Learner Autonomy. Currently, she is studying acquisition of Japanese language pronunciation by Russian learners of Japanese. She is also interested in the educational research and as a result, has translated books of the OECD.

Selected Publications

「モスクワでの日本人家庭訪問プロジェクト-海外の日本語教育における体験型学習の一事例-」(Home Visit Project in Japanese Language Learning in Moscow: A case study of a second language learning through project work in foreign countries). BATJ Journal 16, British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, 2015, pp. 19-26.

「e-learning音読授業における『発音セルフチェック活動』の実践」(Practice of ‘pronunciation self-check’ activity in reading aloud through e-learning). BATJ Journal 12, British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, 2011, pp. 1-13.

『発話リズムと日本語教育』(Speech Rhythm and Japanese Language Teaching). Tokyo: Kazama Shoboo, 2008.

「日本語学習者の長音の産出に関する習得研究―長音位置の要因による難易度と習得順序―」(Acquisition of Japanese Long Vowel Production). Journal of Japanese Language Teaching 109, The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, 2001, pp. 110-117.

「英語母語話者による長音と短音の知覚」(Perception of Japanese Long Vowels and Short Vowels by English-Speaking Learners). Japanese-Language Education around the Globe 10, The Japan Foundation, 2000, pp. 43-55.