How to apply

This page contains all the information you need to apply for one of the PEAK programs. The process is outlined below as a series of steps. Please proceed through these steps in order and make sure to read all the available documentation carefully.

STEP 1. Read the Application Guidelines.

Before beginning your application, it is essential that you read the Application Guidelines. These can be downloaded as a pdf file from the DOWNLOADS section. Read the entire document carefully and ensure that you meet the various eligibility criteria before beginning your application. If you are uncertain about how any of the criteria apply to you personally or you have any other questions about the contents of the Application Guidelines, first visit the FAQ section of the website and see if your question has already been answered there. If not, please refer to Contact Us to contact our staff directly.

STEP 2. Download the necessary forms.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the Application Guidelines, you can begin the application process by first downloading the application form and the sample application form. Step 3 describes how to complete the application form. We recommend that you print out a copy of the sample application form and refer to it while completing the application form. The application form is completed electronically and cannot be handwritten. All candidates will also need to download and complete the Essay Form and the Evaluation Forms. Both are available in the DOWNLOADS section.

Note : Adobe Reader
In order to process the application form properly, you will need to use the Adobe Reader software. In most cases this will already be installed on your computer, but if not, you can download the latest version (using the latest version is recommended for all applicants) directly from Adobe by clicking here.

Note : For users of Mac OSX
It is very common to deal with pdfs using the Mac's built-in "Preview" application. This works fine for ordinary pdf files, but not for the interactive pdf form required for this application. Please ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the Adobe Reader software. Locate the downloaded application form on your computer and click on the file with the right click (or hold down the CONTROL key while clicking the file with the left click) and select "Open with" from the menu. You should then be able to select Adobe Reader to open the file.

Note : For users of Windows
Some Windows users prefer to use third party viewers to read pdf documents. Unfortunately not all third party readers completely support the pdf features necessary to complete our electronic application form. In order to ensure that you can correctly complete and validate your application form, please download the latest version of the Adobe Reader software and use this application to complete the application form.

STEP 3. Complete the Application Form.

Completion and submission of the application form requires the following 4 steps:

1) Open the application form in Adobe Reader and fill in all the necessary information (simply click in the relevant boxes and type in the appropriate data). Some sections of the form will involve you clicking check boxes and selecting items from drop-down menus. You can click the "Highlight existing fields" button at any time to indicate where all the boxes are - required boxes for all applicants are indicated in red.

2) The last page of the form is a checklist. This is to help you ensure that you have remembered to include all the necessary documents and have performed any other necessary procedures (for example requesting that your English language proficiency test scores be sent from the testing organization to the PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office). Click each checkbox when you have prepared the necessary documents or completed the described procedure.

3) Once you have completed the form, you should print it out and sign it. You should then take all your other collected documentation and mail the entire package of documents to the PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office at the address indicated in the Application Guidelines.

Note that although the application form and other forms are to be completed electronically, the entire submission is performed using printed versions of the completed forms submitted by postal mail. You should use an appropriately secure mail service to ensure that your documents reach us safely. If you wish to make sure that your application is received by the PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office by the application due date, you must use registered mail which provides a tracking number. No submitted documents will be returned to you.

When completing the form, if you have more information than that will fit in the section provided, please provide the additional information either by entering it directly in the box in section 15 or by providing the information on a separate sheet of paper and indicating what information you have included in section 15.

STEP 4. Complete the Evaluation Forms.

The application process requires you to provide evaluation reports from two different referees:

1. Evaluation Form 1 - for Academic Ability Referee. It should be completed by a teacher at the applicant’s high school or university who is in a position to evaluate the applicant’s academic ability. If the applicant is applying to the Japan in East Asia Program, this teacher should be from the social sciences or humanities. If the applicant is applying to the Environmental Sciences Program, this teacher should be from a science-related field, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or environmental science.

2. Evaluation Form 2 - for Character Referee. It should be completed by any adult over 20 years old who is able to evaluate the applicant’s character. However, the referee must not be an immediate family member or a close relative.

The procedure for collecting the evaluations is as follows:

1) Download the evaluation form from the DOWNLOADS section. This form consists of two parts - part one will be completed by you and part two will be completed by the referee. You will produce two printed versions of the form - one for each referee.

2) Complete part 1 of the form.

3) Once you have completed part 1 of the form, print out the entire form and sign part 1 for each of the two copies.

4) Give the two printed and signed forms to the corresponding two referees. We recommend that you ask the referees to seal the completed evaluation form in an envelope (with a signed seal) and return it to you for submission along with the application form and other documents. However, if any referee insists of submitting the form to us directly, this is also possible. Confirm that you know which procedure each referee will use, and make sure this is indicated in the check list of the application form. In either case, all evaluation forms must be received by the PEAK Undergraduate Admissions Office during the application period.

STEP 5. Complete the Essay Form.

All applications must be accompanied by a completed Essay Form. You must prepare a 500-600 word essay in response to the question stated in the Essay Form. This form must be completed using the Adobe Reader software. Make sure you do not try to bypass this restriction - your application will be marked down for overlong essay.

Once you have completed the form, you should print out and sign it.

STEP 6. Pay the Application Fee.

The University of Tokyo charges a JPY5,000 application fee, which must be paid between October 19, 2018 and November 28, 2018 (Japan Standard Time).
Refund of the application fee is not possible under any circumstances.

Receipt of Payment of the Application Fee
The applicant should include a printed “Result” page of the online credit card payment or an original receipt of the bank transfer in your application package.

Method of Payment
The application fee can be paid either by online credit card or bank transfer. We cannot accept cash or cheques. Please note the transaction fees are borne by the applicant.

<By Online Credit Card Payment>
Please pay JPY5,000 application fee by following the link below:e-shiharai.netWebsite for credit card application fee payment

<By Bank Transfer Payment>
It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that the exact amount of money is transferred to the following account by November 28, 2018. The payment must be made in Japanese Yen. The transaction fee is borne by the applicant.
For details see the Application Guidelines on Page 15-16.